High(er) Density coming to Ajax?? More then 3 stories !

The skyline of Ajax has not seen any change in the entire time I have lived here I think. We have the buildings on Harwood , a building at the corner of Westney and Kingston Road, the condos down by the lake and low rise buildings around a few places in town. Nothing new you can see from the north and from the east and west coming along the highway.

On the links to the left you can check all public meetings. There is one on November 3rd at 7pm

This is the description :
Zoning By-law Amendment Application – Z15/07
1613935 Ontario Inc.
North Part of Lot 12, Concession 2
361 Taunton Road West

This is up in the area of Ravenscroft and Taunton road and I will add the current DRT routes do not go in this area yet but I am hopeful a route or even better routes would be going by since High Density is transit supportive.

I don’t have an opinion because we know nothing of the development . The meeting will answer some questions.

What do you think? This development will have 7 buildings and here is some more info received in an email about it.

Seven buildings are proposed. Two are 10 storeys in height, two are 14 storeys in height, two are 18 storeys in height and one is 24 storeys in height. The owner is 1613935 Ontario Inc. The application proposes 1,500 units in total, 376 of which are proposed for seniors units.

This is not in anyone’s immediate backyard but already there are residents concerns, on the other side of town.

This is an official plan amendment request so that means they want to change what is designated in the area that is colour coded as “Future Urban Development”

This is in the current Official Plan from 2005.

2.3.5 High Density Residential Designation

a) Block townhouses, street townhouses, stacked townhouses, attached housing and apartments may be permitted within a density range of between 40 and 185 units per net hectare.

b) Dwelling units and buildings within the High Density Housing designation shall generally not exceed a height of 15 storeys, except when located within the Downtown Central Area or the Uptown Central Area designations, where building height shall be generally limited to a maximum of 25 storeys. Exceptions to the height limitation may be permitted in order to address topography and/or site grading matters.

c) All development applications for high density housing shall subject to appropriate integration with surrounding development.

The link to the Staff preferred plan for the A9 area of which this development falls into has been dead for over a year or more I think.

So how would the Youth Council and Youth Mayor vote on this?

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  1. admin Says:

    This one is in green land with no houses in the immediate area I would lean towards support because the Mayor said you have to build up when you can’t build out.

    There is another development of a Condo building being planned at Rossland and Harwood, I missed the meeting if it was listed in the public meeting listing. This is different, it does sound like it is right next to single houses and townhouses, that is not something that I think would work. You can’t sit on land for 15 years then decide to stick a highrise on it when there are houses. This is not Bayview and Sheppard, the developers bought up the houses that were in the shadow of those buildings.

    The development at Rossland and Harwood will really be one to watch, I requested to be on the email list for information.

    I also want to point out on googling the name of the consultant for Dunbury Developments , a Scarborough Community Council meeting from 2004 full of Planning issues popped up. Mr. Manett had a report that he was presenting regarding a rezoning in Scarborough .

    Our Ward 2 councillor works in Scarborough Planning Division.

    I am not saying there is a conflict however. Their names do not appear on the planning documents together as far as I can find on google.

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